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What is ISNT?

Indian Society for Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT) with its motto of better quality of Life through Non Destructive Testing (NDT) strives to promote NDE Science and Technology and serve NDT professionals nationally and internationally through certification programmes, publications and conference. It is a non-profit organization and is registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies, Registration Act, 1975 (Tamil Nadu Act 27 of 1975) Regd. No.49 of 1981.ISNT is the sole professional body in India to cater to the needs of the NDT community in the country. ISNT today has 19 chapters with over 5500 members spread all over the country. Our Chapters are located at different locations including Kalpakkam (IGCAR), Sriharikota (SHAR), Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Tiruchi, Pune and other places.The training and certification of NDT personnel in accordance with the national standard (IS 13805) & international standards is carried out by National Certification Board, a wing of ISNT. Towards this NCB continued to organize the certification examinations directly and through the Chapters and accredited Centres. As the Indian Coordinator, NCB conducts the ASNT Level-III exams. at different venues in India. Likewise, ISNT Level-III examinations are also conducted in various methods. In addition, Level-I & Level-II Courses and Examinations under IS-13805 & SNT-TC-1A are conducted under the aegis of Chapters. While National Certification Board would concentrate on training, certification, harmonisation, accreditation and standardization, QUNEST, another wing of ISNT concentrate on frontline areas in NDE of national and international significance and would also be catalytic in initiating and promoting specialised / focused workshops, seminars in promoting continuing education.

How do I become a member of ISNT?

You can become a member by enrolling through website or contact ISNT HO at Chennai.The contact details are available in the Contact Us Menu.

Can my company become a member?

Yes. There are several categories of membership. For details click here.

Apart from Head Office where else ISNT has branches?

ISNT has 20 chapters spread across India. For details click here.– Go To Top

What is the subscription fees to become a member?

Subscription fees depend on the membership Category. For details click here

How do I benefit by becoming a member of ISNT?

You start receiving communication regarding various events that are taking place in the chapter to which you are attached as well as national events. The Registration fees for attending the events including courses, examinations, seminars, workshops, conferences are at a discounted rate for the members.ISNT conducts L-I, L-II & L-III courses and certification examinations that are valued highly by public sector undertakings like BHEL, NTPC, GAIL, etc and governmental organisations such as ONGC, BARC, IGCAR, NPCIL, BHAVINI., etc.Above all you meet experts in the field of NDT and can get inputs regarding your career opportunities & growth.

I am already in the field of NDT. How can I contribute to the NDT field by joining ISNT?

By joining ISNT, several avenues are open to you to give back to the field. Few of them are listed below.

Become a faculty and take classes at the courses.

If you have completed L-III, you can become an examiner.

Contribute by sending case studies / technique sheets.

Collect samples with discontinuities / defects and help in characterizing them.

With active participation in NDT activities, you can become an elected Executive Council Member of a chapter and even rise to be the President of ISNT.

Provides you with periodical updates on latest in NDT through the journal of NDE.

No matter what your interest in NDT is, you can be an important part of ISNT by participating in its events. As a member, you can join council’s many committees and become an active participant in the future of ISNT and NDT technology