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Video Lectures PCT-2 (NDE2020)

Video of lectures delivered during Pre-Conf Tutorial of NDE 2020 on Modelling and Simulation in NDE  (Click to play)

The videos are currently available for the registered participants of the Pre-Conference Tutorials (PCT) of NDE 2020 on Modelling and Simulation in NDE conducted by ISNT during 4th & 5th Dec 2020.

Introduction to Modelling and Simulation by Dr CV Krishnamurthy, Modelling of Ultrasonic NDE by Prof K Balasubramaniam and Phased Array UT by Dr Quentin
Phased Array Ultrasonic Modelling and Applicaitions by Dr Marsac Quentin, CEA, France

Model based assessment of POD of NDE Techniques by Dr Prabhu Rajagopal & Numerical Modelling of Electromagnetic NDE and its Applications by Dr Sptarshi Mukherjee
Modelling and Simulation of Infrared Thermal Imaging by Dr M Ravibabu
Application of Modelling and case studies in Infrared Thermography Imaging by mrs Menaka
Train NDE : High Tech Hands on training by Roman Fernandez
X-Ray imaging Simulation and Technique development by Li Xin
CIVA: New possibilities for simulation tools for NDT and Applications by Roman Fernandez