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                To be eligible for examination, the candidate should fulfill and provide the following documented evidence acceptable to National Certification Board (NCB). 

  • Educational Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Training
  • Vision test

Educational Qualification 

Minimum Qualification for Level 1, 2 and 3 Certification is 10th std.

Experience and Training requirement depends on the Educational Qualification as detailed below.

Work Experience

Minimum Experience Requirements — Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3  
 NDT Method Experience Months
Level 1   Level 2 (2) Level 3 (2a)
MT 1 3 12
PT 1 3 12
RT 3 9 18
UT 3 9 18
VT 1 3 12


Minimum Training Requirement
NDT Method Level 1 Hours Level 2  hours Level 3  Hours
MT 11 5 16 8 32
PT 9 7 15 9 24
RT 22 18 65 15 40
UT 24 16 48 32 40
VT 9 7 16 8 24


Direct access to level 3:

Candidates seeking direct access to Level 3 or candidates whose Level 2 certificate have expired at the time of application for Level 3, shall have to successfully clear Level 2 practical examination of that method and sector (s) before they are allowed to appear for Level 3 examination.

Vision Requirements

 Candidates shall provide documented evidence of satisfactory vision in accordance with the   following requirements:

  • Near vision acuity shall permit reading a minimum of Jaeger Number 1(Jaeger test chart) or Times Roman N 4.5 or equivalent letters at a distance of not less than 30 cm on a standard Jaeger test chart with one or both eyes, either corrected or uncorrected;
  • Colour vision shall be sufficient that the candidate can distinguish and differentiate contrast between the colours and shades of grey used in the NDT method concerned, as specified by the employer

Vision test shall be carried out by a qualified medical personnel or an individual certified to Level 3 by this or other recognised certification standard such as IS 13805, PCN, CSWIP, ACCP, ASNT etc.

Subsequent to certification, the tests of visual acuity shall be carried out annually by the employer.

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