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Message from President ISNT

Dear Members,

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2022!

It is with a great sense of responsibility that I have accepted the charge of this Presidentship.

In the history of ISNT, this chair was occupied by doyens right from Dr. Shri V.R. Deenadayalu to Dr. B. Venkatraman who worked with devotion and passion to bring the society to this level. ISNT always had a good team to support each president. Today also we have a vibrant team and I strongly believe in the capability of our team. With this team, I am sure we will be marching ahead and reaching new milestones, and achieving new goals for ISNT.

ISNT is completing 50 years of operations and that puts more responsibility on our shoulders. I have read ISNT by-laws several times and I used to appreciate, and still wonder, how elaborately they are drafted. As a President, I consider myself to be a custodian of these by-laws, and all of us need to rededicate ourselves to ensure that we will be abiding by them to the best of our abilities.

Any working social organization has to first consider the interest of the stakeholders. I am convinced that the biggest stakeholder is India, as is evident in the name of the society. The emerging economy has already emerged, and we shall do whatever we can to keep it soaring high.

We now have members from Industries, members from various educational institutes and we have members from society. We have to review the philosophy of our working, considering the needs and expectations of our end users. Our stakeholders expect a lot out of us. The industry expects trained manpower and a platform for technical interaction with academicians, service organizations, equipment manufacturers and end-users. The colleges and educational institutes expect our assistance in NDE subjects and developments therein. ISNT itself can do a lot for Women empowerment. The industry is our main stakeholder and we will have industry group to serve them in Technology and in Providing Qualified manpower. We need to team up our expertise in assisting the industry to provide solutions in their pain areas in NDE. Our Journal for Non-Destructive Testing and evaluation (JNDE) will assist in closing the gap between the industry and NDE Development. Our NCB is set to add more sectors in ICN and ensure that ICN goes beyond the boundaries of India. We have to ensure that our certification schemes earn respect and acceptability throughout the world. Our Training Management Committee will ensure accreditation of the chapters, and Training institutes’ accreditation for the ICN and IS 13805 exams.  We need to play an important role in the International Committee for NDT as a responsible partner. ISNT’s NDE seminars are becoming more and more international events and we will ensure a progressive rise in the quality of technical contents year by year. Artificial intelligence, digitalisation is coming up in a big way in NDE, and I am sure all of us will be soon into NDE 4.0

Our Chapters play a very important role in ISNT. We are the Indian Society for Non-destructive Testing. Here the word Indian comes first. We are like a tree. The roots are all the stalwarts who contributed to establish this society and gave it an impetus. The stem is our head office, and the branches are all our chapters. Just like the branches and the stem have no existence without one another, we have to coexist and flourish.

All this work requires a systematic approach similar to working with ISO 9001 standard.

In summary, my objective for the coming two years will be to ensure that ISNT is at par with or better than any other similar NDT National organization in the world.

With that, I wish you a healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year 2022 ahead!

Thank you very much.


Diwakar Joshi

Indian Society For Non-Destructive Testing (ISNT)

Date: 1st January 2022