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Message from President ISNT

Dear ISNT members,
Let me wish all of you a very Happy New Year, 2023!
It is a pleasure to communicate to you after completion of one year of common journey with you. A lot of things have happened in the last year and it is always important to review the past while planning the future.
Year 2022 was a happening year for ISNT with a gap of two years due to Covid era.
After forming the National Governing Council (NGC) Committee with your support on 24thDec 2021, we have started working and I am happy to inform you of some of the achievements as detailed below.
We had a Past Presidents’ meeting on 1st January 2022 to have their guidance and blessings for the activities planned.
Our Steering Committee in HO, including the President, Immediate Past-President, President- Elect, Vice Presidents, Chairman, NCB, Chairman, TMB, Chairman, PFMB and Hon. Secretary met 8 times inthe year for deciding the policies and major action plans of ISNT. The outcome was put to NGC forapproval. This is to ensure the consistency in our approach in the coming years.
The JNDE which was interrupted in COVID period has been brought back on the track and JNDE issues for March, June, September and December 2022 were released in time. JNDE has a new online portal at and the papers published in JNDE are now indexed by Google Scholar.
The Training Management Board (TMB) concept was discussed, the committee was formed, the board members were selected, the activities were listed, action plan was approvedby NGC and was put in place. Now total 11 training centers including chapters have the interim authorization. TMB is in the process of arranging audits for the final authorization.
National Certification Board (NCB) has an upward trend in the examinations conducted. In the current year, NCB has conducted 634 examinations which is the maximum figure in the history. New defective samples are added in NCB’s library. The IS 13805 standard is under revision. ICN scheme is getting revised in line with ISO 9712: 2021.
The chapter activities are getting accelerated after the COVID era and we are observing a lotof webinars, technical lectures and training programs happening in the different chapters. Regional workshops are conducted by many chapters.
We have sent our nominations to international committee in ICNDT and APFNDT.
You will appreciate that, there was a beautiful webinar on the topic “Journey and Role ofISNT in Nation Building” organized on 15th Aug, 2022 to celebrate ‘AAZADI KA AMRITMAHOTSAV’ that brought out ISNT’s contribution in the last 50 years.
We are entering into NDE 4.0 and you should be proud to know that the forth coming Hosting of the 3rd International Conference on NDE 4.0 (February 2025) is granted to ISNT by special interest group (SIG) of ICNDT. I am also happy to inform you that Dr. Shyamsunder who is the Vice President of ISNT and Chairman TMB is the convener for the same under the chairmanship of Dr. K. Balasubramaniam.
We have already completed NDE 2022, a flag-ship event of ISNT, after 2 years of gap due to Covid, and enjoyed the hospitality of Gujarat with a rich treat of plenary and technical sessions, discussions, exhibition, meetings, Oil and Gas forum, Power sector forum, Career development session, discussions and meeting and greeting our professional friends. A meeting with President of ICNDT and ISNT Steering committee was planned during NDE 2022 to forge a common program for coming years. The Conference tutorials have been conducted and well received by the participants.
All this has happened due to active support and participation from all the chapters, NGC members and ISNT members. We have to review the philosophy of our working, considering the needs and expectations of our end users. Our stakeholders expect a lot from us. The industry expects trained man power and a platform for technical interaction with the academicians, service organizations, equipment manufacturers and end-users. The colleges and educational institutes expect our assistance in NDE subjects and developments therein. We need to team up our expertise in assisting the industry toprovide solutions in their pain areas in NDE. We have to ensure that our certification schemes earn respect and acceptability throughout the world. We need to play an important role in the International Committee for NDT as a responsible partner. We have a big task in front of us. We need to add additional sectors in ICN scheme and revise it to current ISO 9712:2021, revise IS13805 to include other techniques. Marketing of these schemes is also of utmost importance. NCB is already on the job for the same. We need to systemize the process of auditing and issuing final authorization to ATCs and support them with training material, question banks and practical books. TMB is working on the same. The PFMB needs to identify and work on the special programs needed by the industry. Our conference and exhibition committee have to upgrade themselves to make them ready for the upcoming NDE 4.0 (2025), APCNDT & WCNDT which are on the horizon. We need to upgrade our JNDE to match with the international standards. We have tosupport the chapters and ensure the activation of non-performing chapters. QUNEST has given us a vehicle and we need to put itin the promotion of NDE training.
All these things demand a systematic approach, intelligent hard work and focused direction. I am dead sure that our dedicated and passionate team in ISNT is ready to take this challenge and deliver results. Let me appreciate the work of the conference team under the Chairmanship of Prof. K Balasubramaniam, and Dr. Bikash as Convener for arranging this beautiful NDE 2022.I must appreciate here the work done by NCB team under the able leadership of Dr. Nanekar. Dr. Shyamsunder has put the TMB in place and also was instrumental to get NDE 4.0 international conference 2025 in India. Dr. Manoharan is handling PFMB and also shouldering the responsibility of COE. Dr. Krishnan Balasubramaniam is our face for international relations. We always enjoyed the blessings of Past Presidents. I am in touchwith allthe chapter chairman personally, whose support was always available. Our office team is putting a lot of hard work. Our treasurer, Mr. Nerurkar is keeping atrack of the finances. And last but not the least, I must appreciate and compliment Dr. Bikash our Hon. Secretary who hasrun the whole activity in a very efficient way.
With the guidance of seniors, and support from all the members, I am sure we will have a lot ofactivities happening in the coming year keeping the ISNT’s flag flying high!
Thank you,
Jai Hind,

Diwakar D. Joshi

1st January 2023